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Our State-of-the-Art Facilities

High ceilings. Large windows. Natural lighting. A half acre of land.

A rare gem in this urban jungle of ours, TLC’s campus is truly unique. Our green space is large enough to accommodate our very own onsite playground, and gives children the opportunity to run freely and play hard.

Indoors, it’s just as conducive to learning through play. TLC’s classroom environment is inspired by the Danish “hygge-style” classroom, where every detail matters: colours, lighting, textures — nothing is insignificant. From the types of materials we use to the toys we display, everything you find in our classroom has been meticulously selected, with the goal of bringing the Danish tradition of educational excellence to our campus.

When it comes to classroom cleanliness, we were planning to sanitize our toys — and everything else — long before COVID-19 hit. TLC’s hygiene habits include washing hands upon entering the classroom, after using the toilet/diaper changes, and before serving food. Educators will sanitize toys and classrooms daily. And upon drop-off, they will complete wellness screenings to ensure each child is healthy enough to attend and participate.

Speaking of your child’s health, we’ve partnered with Real Food for Real Kids, a caterer whose mission is to inspire future generations to make healthier choices every day. Rest assured, your little ones will be eating nutritious meals and snacks to help fuel their growing bodies and minds.